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Never Ever, Blue Love, Debochada, Quado O Sol Raiar (Shir Le Noa Ben Artzi) - Ana Gazzola

Tracks #2, #4, #8, #11, #13

These tracks were written by Ana Gazzola, a singer-songwriter from Brazil who lives in LA and performs as a solo artist and as part of “Brasil Brazil Band” with Sonia Santos. (Which I was part of for a few years). Ana and I became friends and wrote songs together. The song “Never Ever” was written by Ana and I together as she contributed the music and I the lyrics. “Blue love” and “Debochada” were written in Portuguese and I translated them to English and wrote a Hebrew version to “Debochada”. “Quando O Sol Raiar” was written in Portuguese and the melody was constantly playing in my head. After the assassination of The Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, I was listening to the eulogy of his grand daughter Noa Ben Artzi on the radio and was moved by it. As I was driving my car on the long and busy freeways of LA, the melody of Ana’s song was playing in my head while the words started streaming from my mouth. I felt as if I were talking to Noa Ben Artzi, comforting her, feeling her pain. At the end of the drive the whole song was in my head and I just needed to sit down and write it all on paper.

Minha Nudez, Blue Note, Previsao - Fatima Guedes

Tracks #1, #3, #6, #12, #14

These songs were written by Fatima Guedes, a Brazilian singer who came to LA and was a resident at the Jazz club LA VE LI on Ventura Blvd. I fell in love with her compositions and expressed an interest in translating her lyrics into English or Hebrew. Fatima invited me to her home and she and her husband made me a cassette tape with many of her songs, wrote the lyrics of selected tracks and explained the meaning of the words. I then translated 3 of her songs to English and wrote a Hebrew version to two of them.

Minas (Don't Go Away) - Idriss Boudrioua

Track #5

“Minas” was also an instrumental written by a friend of mine from Brazil, a saxophone player/composer Idriss Boudrioua. I heard the song on his CD “Central Park West” and just loved it. The lyrics came flowing. There is no connection between the title of the song “Minas” and the lyrics. “Minas” was written as a tribute to Toninho Horta who is from Minas (a state in Brazil). Toninho is one of my favorite Brazilian composers so that fits!

Cotidiano - Chico Buarque de Holanda